Because we believe in a new era of ecommerce where discovering the coolest designers, getting everything to fit you perfectly and having a positive impact on the world can go together. 


Through gathering the creative genius of the most innovative designers and labels worldwide in one beautiful market place, customers can find the design they envisioned at the convenience of their fingertips. Our state of the art technology further ensures that whatever the designer sends over to the customer will fit ideally. And the faster we get labels discovered and customers looking flawless, the better, as 20% of all MorphX profits then go to furthering equal opportunities in frontier markets. 


is our mobile 3D body scanner, which pretty much explains what it is. You can scan your body at your own discretion. The info is encrypted and not photographic.

Sorry Kim K, no nudes leak possibility.


is the most disruptive thing happening in fashion. You can’t imagine a physical robot mannequin, which can morph into your body shape in just seconds, can you?

MX Marketplace

is one of these simple ideas that just make life so much better. A beautiful online store featuring selected brands and designers, ready to send out your vision made just for you. 


market place



MX Circle

features the brightest minds to reflect on fashion, stye, trends, innovations, entrepreneurship.

MX Foundation

is at the heart of MorphX. We take 20% of everything we make and go to frontier markets to encourage entrepreneurship amongst people who have been engaged, yet underpaid by the fashion industry.


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